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Hermuler CNC

Press Brake Machine

Hermuler CNC

CNC electro hydraulic servo press brake

WE67K CNC sheet metal press brake with streamlined design ,high speed ,high precision ,high rigidity. Electro hydraulic servo system,full loop controlling the synchronization of the upper slider. Mechanical compensation on crowning of worktable and deformation compensation on throat, ensuring good bending strength and precision. Backgauge is driven by digital AC servo motor,moved with ball screw,guided by linear guide.

Hermuler CNC

Robot automatic feeding press brake

Robot Press Brake is the result of our goal to develop and improve new bending solutions for the industry. Our robotic press brake and automatic loading/unloading devices work wonders to deliver two levels of automation – process and operation. An extremely reliable solution for unattended production, even at night. Benefit from reduced setup time for tooling, precise bend angles, and superior finished parts. All risks associated with part handling during bending are faced by the robot and not by the operator.

Hermuler CNC

Press arm panel bender

The flexible bending center focuses on solving various complicated sheet metal and bending problems in metal forming. Through multi-axis concurrent linkage, sheet metal operations are automatically completed, and the dependence on molds and labor is resolved from a technical perspective, which effectively improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.Easily realize the arc, press dead edge, back shape, closed shape and other complex sheet metal bending requirements.

Hermuler CNC

CNC hydraulic press brake

WC67K hydraulic press brake machine with E21 has integrated hydraulic control system, which is compact and reduces piping connections, increasing system reliability and ease of maintenance. The machine is synchronised with twisted axes and has two synchronised pendulum arms at both ends of the ram, so that the movement of the ram is always parallel to the working table and has a high resistance to deflection during operation.

Hermuler CNC

CNC Tendem Press Brake

Two WC67Y/K Series in same specification are choosen as main machine with double motor linkage synchro-device, which may work together to process overlong workpiece or operate separately to increase production efficiency. Defection copensation device is fitted, too. Mechanic and fluid servos with mechanic slider are utilized in synchronous device. The stroke of upper slider and the position of rear apron are regulated quickly by machine and micro-regulated by hand with electronic NC display.

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