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Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

Products Features

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine is This laser pipe cutting machine adopts a guided part creation method, which does not require professional drawing personnel and can quickly generate part models. Modular bed design, with a 1+1+N combination, can quickly expand the needs of different models. Large diameter intelligent centering chuck, frequent tube replacement without adjustment. Supported by a high-speed motor and a high rigidity integral welded bed, the pipe processing action can be as light and fast as the wind, with a fleeting glint of water. Adaptive gripper, precise perception of clamping status, constantly maintaining automatic centering requirements. Specially designed cutting head, no dragging or dragging when entering the groove, replaceable 3D ceramic body, prolonging service life. Modular material support mechanisms can be freely matched according to product characteristics to improve processing adaptability.

Main components

Cutting Applications

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