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Hermuler CNC

Leveling Machine

Hermuler CNC

W43G Series Leveling Machine

Under the condition of large elastic-plstic bending, no mater how different the original bending degree, precision levelling machine uses the “Bauschinger effect” of the material to bend the plate repeatedly, gradually reduce the bending deflection, and gradually change the origina curvature into a single curvature, and finally level it to achieve the leveling accuracy required by the process.

Hermuler CNC

Material Rack Straightening Feeder

This type of machine is mainly used for straightening materials with a thickness of 0.3~3.2mm, and 11 sticks are generally used. At present, the maximum width of the corresponding materials is 800 mm. The whole line occupies a small area, and this series of machines with a thickness of more than 500mm will add material supporting arms and inlet pressing devices for auxiliary feeding.

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