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GZX Series CNC Pivot Bandsaw Machines

Products Features

1.This machine mainly used for sawing small and medium-sized round pipes, square steel pipes, profiles, etc.
2.In addition to 0° sawing, it also has 0-60° rotary sawing.
3.The feeding adopts hydraulic automatic feeding, automatic length fixing, PLC programmable control, touch screen operation, and grating ruler detects the sawing length.
4.It has the advantages of narrow sawing, material saving, energy saving, high sawing precision, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

GZX Series CNC Pivot Bandsaw Machines

Advantages of GZX Series Bandsaw Machine
1.This series of saws are ideal for angle cutting of profiles and 90 degree cutting of solids, tubes and profiles of a variety of materials including, but not limited to, iron, steel, Aluminum alloy, and bearing steel.
2.The series of machines are touch screen operation with built-in PLC system, fully automated, and allow the operator to program and store multiple cutting jobs including cut off lengths, cutting angles and number of cuts. After setting of cutting jobs, automatic feeding, mitering and sawing start.
3.The machines have several main functions including blade protection alarm, overload detection alarm, automatic end-of-cut shut off, automatic chip removal and bundle cutting. The machines have the advantages of high cutting efficiency, low energy consumption, high cutting accuracy and rigid design.

Main components

Cutting Applications

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