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Hermuler CNC

Edge milling machine

Products Features

1. High speed synchronously milling for double edges of steel plate
2. Automatic clamping for steel plate
3. High precision of centering with servo motor, ball screw and linear guide rail
4. Floating type milling unit can reach uniform groove
5. Main spindle box with self-cycle lubricating system
6. Automatic chip transferring device
7. The clearance of driving pinion and rack can be eliminated automatically on working.

Hermuler CNC

Edge milling machine

Technical specifications:
Width of steel plate 1000~4500mm;

Length of steel plate8000~12800mm;

Thickness of steel plate 6~50mm;

Material: Max.steel grade X70;

Unilateral finishing allowance of steel plate: 5~;

Roughness of surface Ra12.5;

Straightness of plate edge 1/2000;

Parallelism between two plate edges 1/1000;

Milling unit 2 sets;

Centering speed: /min; Total power.About 320KW.

Basic Info

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