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GZ Series CNC Bandsaw Machines

Products Features

1. Self-Developed System
Customize the system parameters according to different materials.
2. Information Management System
Optional equipment – remote control, which can montior processing data to understand the use of equipment quickly and conveniently.
3. Intelligent Control
The system developed by Hengerda can intelligently identify changes during the cutting and the operator can adjust processing parameters in real time. Servo system control, high cutting precision, high efficiency, high-speed cutting, longer blade lifetime.
4. Energy-Saving
Total energy-saving around 15-30% for different cutting tasks compared to ordinary bandsaw machines.

GZ Series CNC Bandsaw Machines

Advantages of GZ Series Bandsaw Machine
1. Mainly used for cutting various square and rectangular profiles or plates in different industries.
2. Use servo control system.
3. PLC automatic cutting control, touch-screen operations.
4. Good stability double columns, increased cutting accuracy by the combination of servo motor and ball screw.

Main components

Cutting Applications

Basic Info

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