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GB Series Bandsaw Machines

Products Features

1. The GB series band saw machine, also known as the double column band saw machine, is a sawing equipment that uses a bimetallic band saw blade as a cutting tool and can automatically cut metal materials.
2. Mainly used for cutting black metal square, round, and various profiles, and can also be used for cutting non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
3. Due to the narrow cutting edge and high cutting efficiency of the band saw, energy consumption is low and material waste is minimal.
4. It is an efficient cutting equipment with significant energy-saving and material saving effects.
5. The main transmission adopts a worm gear box for variable speed. By changing the position of the belt on the pulley, three speeds can be changed. The working feed and workpiece clamping both use a wave pressure system, which has the characteristics of compact structure and convenient operation and maintenance.

GB Series Bandsaw Machines

Advantages of GB Series Bandsaw Machine
1. Hydraulic control of saw feed, tension of saw blade, and workpiece clamping.
2. The gantry structure is good and has good rigidity.
3. Automatic chip cleaning for cutting and brushing, improving the lifespan of saw blades.
4. Hydraulic flat plate feeding.
5. Automatic shutdown due to belt breakage.
6. Guide arm movement, hydraulic control.
7. Install an automatic chip conveyor.

Main components

Cutting Applications

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