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Robot automatic welding

Products Features

1. The motion mechanism adopts Fanuc’s original imported robots, with high trajectory accuracy, stable and reliable performance.
2. The system supports two program input methods: manual teaching and offline programming, and the program processing is simple and fast.
3. The swinging welding head supports automatic adjustment of 0-5mm welding width to compensate for gap defects during the plate splicing process.
4. The system is equipped with an automatic wire feeding system, and the graphite wire guide tube aluminum alloy welding wire can also be fed smoothly.
5. Equipped with a laser tracking device, it can automatically align while also providing real-time correction during long trajectory welding.
6. The welding head is equipped with a coaxial video device, which can monitor the welding quality in real time and prevent defective products from flowing into the next production process.
7. Fieldbus communication protocols such as EtherCat, EIP, and Modbus Tcp support data uploading and can remotely detect the operating status of devices.

Main components

Cutting Applications

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