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XG Series High Speed Circular Saw Machines

Products Features

1. Man-Machine Interface System
The easy-to-operate intelligent automated servo system with user-friendly touch screen and PLC control system ensures the efficiency and reliability of program operation.

2. One-Piece Machine Foundation
The machine foundation uses high strength casting ensures stable machine performance, high cutting efficiency,and precision. Foundation is equipped with a circulating water cooling tank, which can satisfy the needs of using water-based coolant fluid when cutting tough alloy steel materials.

3. New Gearbox Structure
The innovative designed gearbox structure and configuration apply to a wide range of cutting materials.

4. Remnant Management Device (Third vise)
The unique short remnant clamping structure(P series)changed from a single cylinder to double cylinder separate actions with a vertical clamping device, increase the devise stability and reliability, blade lifetime, yield rate, and saves costs.

5. Innovative Automatic Feeding Device
The material feed utilizes a servo-controlled motor with ball screw and linear guiding. Specially designed structure of feed clamp yaw effectively increases the precision and reliability.

6. Spray-Mist Lubricant Cooling System
The advanced MQL circular saw blade spray-mist lubricant technology can increase blade service life.

XG Series High Speed Circular Saw Machines

Advantages of XG Series Bandsaw Machine
1.The main circuit of the machine is controlled by imported PLC computer, the operation is simple, sensitive, convenient maintenance.
2.Automatic feeding adopts servo motor, precision lead screw, linear bearing, and its cutting accuracy is ±0.1mm.
3.Counters can set the processing time, it will stop automatically after completion.
4.The counter can accumulate a day’s work.

Main components

Cutting Applications

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